How you can Paint Wood Furniture

If you are inclined to buy a lot of wood furniture during resale shops or simply garage sales, or have hand-me-down furniture from the family, the easiest way to update it is to give it a brand coat of color. This is an easy project that any one can accomplish in a day, or even a weekend for anyone who is a slow painter or really need to apply several apparel.
You will call for a few supplies:

Sandpaper, 220 grit
Paint brushes, rollers, roller covers
Paint tray
Tack cloth or simply damp rag
The first step would be to thoroughly clean in addition to dry the furniture piece. Paint adheres far better a clean spot. Next, remove any storage or doors from the piece of furniture. You will end up having a better paint job if you’re not trying for you to paint over together with around hinges. Remove any switches or handles on the doors and drawers. If these are usually unattractive or dated-looking, drop by a property center to obtain new ones. You can come across drawer and door pulls in any style and cost structure, and this small touch goes the distance toward giving ones own piece an changed look.

Once the drawers and doors are usually removed, give the complete piece a light sanding using the sandpaper. Sanding is vital because roughing the surface gives a newly purchased coat of colour something to “stick” in order to. This doesn’t have to be an intense course of action, and the objective isn’t to remove every one of the paint and stain and find down to vacant wood. That is just more work than is critical. Simply rough up the surface. Once everything is certainly sanded, rub the total thing down with sometimes a tack cloth or simply your damp magazine. This will eradicate any dust from your sanding.

Now, you’re ready for paint. Use the clean to cut with awkward areas, such as in which the top meets the particular sides, and where there’s any carving or maybe raised panel aspect. Once you’ve gotten these areas coloured in, use the roller to coat other surfaces. If you can still be aware of the old color by this coat, don’t worry. Most likely, you’ll need as a minimum two coats, and it’s easier to go with a pair of light coats (that should dry faster and many more evenly) compared with one thick, gloppy coat.

After the initial coat has totally dried, use the sandpaper to smooth covering the entire piece. This will do away with any drip as well as brush marks and provides a perfect surface for one’s final coat. Follow up this sanding with another wipe within the tack cloth, and then paint on the second coat precisely the same way you did the earliest. Once this fur is dry, you’ll have to gauge it to see if you want a third coating. Generally, two coats will perform it, but if you’re painting white more than a very dark colour, more may possibly be necessary. When you’re enthusiastic about the paint occupation, reattach any switches and pulls, and put that doors and drawers back onto the actual furniture.

For a couple dollars, and a number of hours time used, you’ve got a wholly updated piece of furniture that works perfectly with all your decor.

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